Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation is focused on creating a sense of ownership for the country in the society and particularly in the youth and inspiring them to take part as owners. We believe in participatory leadership and we aim to create a motivated citizenry for the same.

The three pillars that will help us achieve this are:

  1. Citizenship education – where we enable youth to foster a spirit of pride and patriotism for the country.
  2. Volunteerism – where we encourage community-driven models of change, leading to sustainable outcomes.
  3. Neighbourhood – charity must begin at home and in the neighbourhood. After all, the nation is nothing but all neighbourhoods put together.

Desh Apnayen’s school and college programmes are participative, proactive and help individuals understand and play their part in democracy better. We envision a community of young leaders and change makers who believe that they are responsible for the development of the country and are willing to work together towards building the nation of their dreams.



  1. We believe in the power of democracy.
  2. We believe in being patriotic and putting the nation first.
  3. We believe in the vast potential of Indian youth.
  4. We believe in social justice, equality and peace.
  5. We believe in celebrating the Indian ethos, history and culture.
Vallabh Bhanshali


When someone asks us about our country, we define it in many ways. We may talk about age-old civilizations, our cultures, and the many battles we have fought to reach where we are today. We may talk of our recent progress, our leaders or the recent elections that seem to have changed the course of the country.

Today, I encourage you to think a while before answering this question. What is really, the idea of India? And how does it feel to be Indian? Wouldn’t it make us all very proud, if the response came – “ I am India ! ” and “ I am proud to be an Indian ! ”. If this is to be the case for all our citizens, a lot has to change. At the minimum, we need to reframe the civics education in our country. This is a journey from widespread apathy to involved ownership.

It is time we all take ownership of our country, and make it what we want it to be. There is no force more strong or resilient than a collective ownership, the first rule of which is a vigorous and collective involvement. One that emerges from the heart. It is, both, a joy and challenge for us to enable the youth today to identify themselves as Indians first through Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation’s school and college level programmes.

But why redefining civics education? It is civics that gives young people a framework to think about the political, legal and social systems in a country.

The change in civics education would infuse an understanding of the interdependence of these three systems and bring out clearly that for a Democracy to succeed every citizen has to display character and responsibility. A citizen must possess soft skills as well to discharge his or her duty.

History is testament to the work great leaders in the past have done to strengthen India. Through this foundation, we are working to instill in school and college going students a WILL ( inspiration )to continue the great work, progress and unite. A WILL to be Indian above and beyond our other identities. Through programmes that help a child and teacher approach civics with a newer lens, through insightful and inspiring activities, audio-visual aids, well designed units and worksheets, we are hoping to institutionalise this change to make being good citizens a habit.

We belong to India, ours voice is the voice of India. Let us make this a voice of reason, of compassion, of unity.

"Chalein, hum apna desh apnayen, desh banaye!"



Our change making team is committed to making our journey from apathy to ownership a success. With experienced leaders across boards and industries, we are upbeat, striving towards our goal, unstoppable and unmatched.

Vallabh Bhanshali


Vallabh Bhanshali is the Founder and Chief Mentor of Desh
Apnayen Sahayog Foundation. Read more

Nemish Shah


Nemish Shah is the Co-Founder and Mentor of Desh
Apnayen Sahayog Foundation. Read more

Nilesh Shah


Nilesh Shah heads the Private Equity Investments practice at ENAM Holdings Pvt. Ltd, Read more


Narendra Thapar has had a long
association with ENAM. Currently he is an investment strategist Read more

Vikas Mapara


Vikas Mapara has been actively associated with ENAM for almost 3 decades in various capacities. Read more


Komal Shah is the Chief Operating
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